Private Sessions

Private Sessions with Kathleen Barratt

All private sessions are by appointment only and are available online or in our Roanoke Office. When scheduling an appointment be sure to choose appropriate location (Online or Roanoke Office) before you choose a service. Online appointments available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Roanoke Office appointments are available Mondays and Saturdays.

Cancellation policy: You may cancel or change your appointment up to 24 hours in advance. After that time, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.

Free Initial Consultation

Thirty-minute session

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Private Breath Sessions

90-minute session: $175

Two-hour session: $225

Restorative Breathwork® sessions combine a progressive sequence of guided breath practices with meditation. They range from those that focus on calming the nervous system and stilling the mind, to sessions that focus on the transpersonal dimensions of healing. Two-hour sessions include time for mentoring to support clients in acquiring a deeper understanding of their experiences in breathwork and how to integrate that understanding into day-to-day life. Due to the evolutionary nature of this work, it is highly encouraged to start with a series of five to ten sessions. Online sessions are also available through Zoom and Skype.

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Personal Intensives

Four-hour session: $475

Three-hour session: $375

These one- to two-day "one-on-one" personal intensives provide an opportunity to step out of the stress of everyday life and embark upon an inner journey of healing and transformation. Sessions combine Restorative Breathwork with Eastern meditative techniques designed to enhance greater Self-awareness. These intensives are uniquely tailored to meet the interests and needs of the individual and includes metaphysical and spiritual mentoring. Sessions are designed to provide a sacred, quiet space for deep inner work. It is encouraged to take personal time for solitude and introspection following these sessions. Online intensives are also available through Zoom and Skype.

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Bioenergy Sessions

30-minute session: $75

Bioenergy is a subtle-energy healing art designed to correct and balance energy flow within the human energy system as a means of restoring physical health and well-being. It is a non-invasive, non-touch method similar to qigong developed by Mietek Wirkus. Bioenergy has been found to be quite effective in awakening the cells of the body to promote healing at all levels. Long-distance healing is also available upon request.

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Mentoring Sessions

One-hour session: $135

These sessions of one-on-one mentoring with Kathleen range from those that offer a deepening of skills in Restorative Breathwork, bioenergy, and meditation, to sessions that focus on metaphysical and spiritual mentoring. Online mentoring sessions are also available through Zoom and Skype.

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  • Working with Kathleen has been life-changing for me. Her skill and grace has led me toward profound healing right when my life depended on it most. I would recommend her guidance to anyone seeking a deeper understanding to life's mystery.
    Nicole Kaltz
  • Kathleen is wonderful! She's been working with me weekly for the last several months, and it's amazing how well we're able to connect over Skype. I've learned so much from her about everything from the mechanics of breathing to the subtler and deeper qualities of the chakra system. Kathleen is such a warm, supportive, spiritual presence, and she has helped me to develop a regular breath practice. I'm grateful to have found this gentle and wise guide on my journey back to health.
    Uma Sanghvi