Flow of a Restorative Breathwork® Session

Restorative Breathwork offers a sequential process of moving inward: first the body, then the breath, then the mind, and then emptying into the deep inner silence of meditation.

Systematic Relaxation

We begin every Restorative Breathwork session with a guided relaxation that focuses on systematically relaxing the body. Most of our breath practices are done in a reclining posture known as Savasana in yoga. This posture naturally elicits a deep relaxation response in the nervous system, allowing the body to let go of tension more easily as it begins to open to stillness. The practice of systematic relaxation requires a balance between allowing the body to let go and relax, and at the same time staying alert and attentive. Inviting mindfulness to different parts of the body and gently allowing tensions to be released can deeply calm the nervous system and bring clarity to the mind. This quality of relaxation is facilitated throughout the course of the breath session to enhance mindfulness of the more subtle qualities of the breath.

Silent Devotion

As the body releases and opens to stillness, we allow time and space to take a moment for silent devotion. This part of a session is tailored to honor the uniqueness of each individual's spiritual path, creating a sacred container for deep inner experiences. Infusing our breath practice with devotion, invites us to ask ourselves a powerful question: why are we doing this work? Most Eastern meditative systems emphasize that technique is not as important as the spirit and intent with which we approach our practice. It is highly encouraged that our intention be of a spiritual nature—one that infuses our practice with feeling, vitality, and purpose. For without spiritual awareness, there can be no inner transformation, thus no transformation in ourselves or in our lives.

Awakening the Breath

With devotion seeded in the heart and mind, we are now ready to work with the breath. We begin with cultivating an awareness of the more subtle qualities of the breath, resisting the urge to judge or alter it. Emphasis is on cultivating a "witnessing presence" of the breath. This simple yet powerful approach begins the process of unraveling tensions in the breath. We then progress to cultivating an "attentive" awareness of the breath. This quality of awareness invites us to be mindful of the breath while simultaneously modifying the breath to open up its natural movements. In unraveling tensions in the breath, we awaken the innate breath from its suspended state, encouraging it to unfold its potential to activate and stimulate energy flow. As our breath becomes more free and uninhibited, the innate breath engages more fully, guiding us upon an inner journey of healing, transformation, and awakening.

Stillness Meditation

Each stage of a Restorative Breathwork session builds on the next, gradually and progressively moving us inward toward more subtle dimensions of awareness. As we cycle into these inner levels of consciousness, there comes a moment where we experience a profound state of inner stillness. It is here where we release all influence upon the breath and allow a time of meditation. As we move more deeply into meditation, a silence seems to gently come upon us. In the beginning this experience of silence can be rather short, yet settling into this silence, for even a little while, is immensely impactful. In this "inner quiet,” there is a vibrancy, a quality of consciousness that is transforming. As our meditation deepens, these moments of silence lengthen, enhancing an expanded awareness and inner vibrancy. In this stillness, one awakens to a presence of consciousness that resides deep within—awake, fully Self-aware, and resting in the heart of the Divine.