Immersions and Retreats

Combining guided breath practices with yoga and meditation, our immersions and retreats invite you to embark upon an inner journey of self-awareness, rejuvenation, and awakening. Whether you want to develop an in-depth personal breath practice or seek to deepen an existing meditation practice, these empowering and transformative programs provide an experiential format for refining skills in the breath meditation practices of Restorative Breathwork®.

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Our master classes are organized around a particular practice or aspect of the Restorative Breathwork® system. Due to the nature of these programs, students may repeat them as often as desired as a means of refining and deepening skills in the practices of Restorative Breathwork.

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Facilitator Trainings

Our facilitator trainings offers a systematic approach to developing professional skills in facilitating Restorative Breathwork. We begin with our foundations training designed to introduce the foundational practices and principles of our system. The next level of training is our Facilitator Certificate training, centered around a comprehensive practicum and a formal mentorship. The role of a mentor is a time-honored tradition that provides the student the opportunity to work closely with an accomplished teacher in order to learn the full range of skills and techniques behind a highly skilled breathwork facilitator. Restorative Breathwork complements and integrates well with a wide variety of mind/body systems and is appropriate for both laypeople and professionals in various healing and self-development fields.

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