Welcome to Barratt Breath Institute

Barratt Breath Institute offers both personal and professional studies in Restorative Breathwork®.

Restorative Breathwork has its roots in the Eastern sciences of breath meditation. It consists of a unique fusion of contemplative breath practices designed to cultivate deep states of inner stillness and greater self-awareness. This meditative approach unleashes the breath's vast potential for restoring and deepening our connection with our true self, opening pathways to healing, transformation, and spiritual awakening.

Our breath immersions, classes, and trainings provide the experiential framework for vibrant and profound experiences that will enrich a personal and professional practice for years to come.

The Restorative Breathwork Approach

Restorative Breathwork focuses on cultivating a relationship of receptivity and openness with the breath's natural rhythms.

Our breath practices are contemplative in nature and focus on mindfully attending to the flow of the breath to open up its natural movements. In freeing our breath from the life tensions imposed on it, we allow the breath’s natural intelligence to awaken.

In awakening our breath, we also awaken our vital life energy, the divine force that sustains and enlivens us. This simple yet powerful approach to breathwork not only revitalizes our life energies but also opens a gateway to higher consciousness and our own inner powers of healing.

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Benefits of Restorative Breathwork

The interrelationship between the breath and the state of our health, and even states of mind, has been recognized for centuries in the medical and meditative practices of the East. Restorative Breathwork has been shown to achieve remarkable results, including the following:

  • Restoring health and vitality
  • Enhancing emotional well-being
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Cultivating mindfulness and equanimity
  • Fostering transformation
  • Awakening higher consciousness
  • Advancing spiritual development